Kit Shih-Ting Wang

Partner / Project Director

As a project director at PLAT Studio, Kit Shih-Ting Wang ensures a constant synergy between design intent and the many technical challenges that we address with our collaborators. With degrees in architecture, landscape architecture and planning, she provides solutions in all project phases. She is a certified planner in the United States and a LEED Accredited Professional.

Kit’s professional interest is urban design that integrates contemporary landscape and architectural design. She cares about aesthetic, ecological and social values and is dedicated to creating beautiful, ecologically constructive and socially vital spaces in our cities. Her award-winning competitions include architectural designs, memorial parks, post-industrial parks and future solar energy applications.

Kit received her Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of City Planning at University of California at Berkeley, USA. She also earned Bachelor of Architecture, Tamkung University and a Certificate in Project Management from University of California Extension at Irvine, USA.


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