Qidong Doowin Education and Cultural Tourism New Town

Masterplan | Urban Design

PCBC 2021 Grand Award for International Public Building - Forward Planning

Qidong, Jiangsu, China


Gross Area
400 ha

Doowin Groups

STS [Architecture]
Great Ecology [Ecology]

Located along the Qidong coast, 50 kilometers north of Shanghai, Doowin Education and Cultural Tourism New Town is a 400 ha coastal development which encompasses 70ha of riverfront through residential neighborhoods and retail development and 3.6km of oceanfront open space. The masterplan transforms the Qidong waterfront into a vibrant seaside community within the Shanghai region while embracing the region’s cultural coastal lifestyle and ecological value.
Through fully integrated ecological urbanism, the vision of Qidong’s New Town is to embrace the ocean and provide year-round and dynamic amenities for residents, students and visitors from the region and abroad.

We are working in partnership with ecological consultants Great Ecology on the ecological layer of this project, including the wetland wellness center, several ecoparks with wetland habitat walking trails, the sponge city strategy, the seagrass wetland park, and other ecological amenities.
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