Summer Plans in Kunshan Miaojing River Corridor Phase One

July 22nd, 2022
Kunshan, China

We are excited that Kunshan Miaojing River Corridor Phase One is open to the public! Three and a half linear kilometers of park space with pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, waterfront lookout, wetland education center, audio library, and east entrance visitor center.

The initial site study was conducted in 2016, with our studio designing a conceptual framework for the entire site. Our planning and ecological strategies won an ASLA-NCC Award of Excellence for Research, Planning, Analysis, and Communication in 2018. After years of design and client feedback, phase one construction began in Fall 2020 and was built and opened in July 2022.

Kunshan Miaojing River Corridor Phase One transformed into a variety of recreational resource amenities for all ages residents to enrich the community experience.

Thanks to our client, Kunshan City Construction Investment Development Company, for the detailed hand drawing of the Miaojing River Corridor Phase One Guide Map.

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