Kunshan Miaojing River Corridor

Civic | Parks
Masterplan | Urban Design

ASLA-NCC 2023 Merit Award for Design: Parks, Recreation, Trails & Open Space

ASLA-NCC 2018 Award of Excellence for Research, Planning, Analysis and Communication

Kunshan, China


Gross Area
600,000 m2

Kunshan City Construction Investment Development Company

Great Ecology

Phase 1 built

The Miaojing River Corridor in West Kunshan is the transformation of a historically preserved waterway into 6 km of ecological infrastructure in the form of a public linear park. The project aims to drive the green infrastructure development of Kunshan West with the Miaojing River as the central axis of abundant ecological value and recreational programs for surrounding communities. Anchoring the framework of Kunshan West, the vision is to designate Miaojing River as an invaluable natural resource for the future of Kunshan.

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