Our Vision

Progressive Innovation Based on Research and the Design Process:

Our high-performance landscapes  that redefine site limitations are a result of a rigourous research and design process that involve multiple levels of research into the site’s existing system and prototyping of landscape and built elements.

With our proven experience of bringing projects into reality, we ensure that not only are our designs innovative, they are firmly grounded in the realm of possibility and aligned with the client’s objectives.

Synthesis of Systems (System-thinking): Rather than thinking about the landscape as its own, self-sustaining system, we recognize that it is an active component in the environmental, urban, economic, and social fabric. We consider and negotiate with all components to give readability to the urban fabric and to  build a sustainable infrastructure. We accomplish this by working closely with our clients and collaborators to identify the site’s limitations, to establish  potential solutions, and to bring those solutions into reality across all scales.

By thinking about our built landscape as a synthesis of systems, we desire to position the landscape as a framework for positive growth. We understand the economy, architecture, infrastructure, government, social fabric, structure, and environment of the site through research and put our designs through a rigourous design process to ensure that the landscapes we design are progressively innovative and  support flexibility in future growth.

As landscape architects, urban designers, and architects, we believe that a powerfully constructed landscape has the potential to knit together otherwise incongruent land uses, socially disparate communities, and underutilized ecological systems. It is a powerful tool vital to the health of our economic, social, and environmental future.

Timeless and Sustainable Place-making:

PLAT Studio strives to create livable, attractive, and sustainable places that serve the needs of the present and the future and that exceed the limitations of time to become an integral part of the urban and social fabric.

We accomplish this by looking closely at the site’s unique site features: topography, ecology, history, and culture and by working with those existing conditions to create designs that respect the spirit of the place while making progressive strides towards a framework that supports future growth. This respect allows us to create places that can adapt and harmonize with the surrounding landscape and its existing rhythms.
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Berkeley, California