Yoland Waterfront Residences — A Modern Water Town

October 6th, 2021
Shaoxing, China

In the heart of Shaoxing's Keqiao District, Yoland Waterfront Residences is a new mixed use area covering nearly 40 hectares. PLAT has been working with the client to design Yoland parcels since 2017, from the central retail street, recently built Ni Garden, and upcoming Xi Garden and Sky Mall. The client and our team have worked across scales to create a mix of residential typologies and retail developments.

Part of Hangzhou's watershed and just south of Suzhou, Shaoxing is an up and coming city. Situated along the canals of Shaoxing, Yoland Waterfront Residences is a sleek residence in line with its traditional water town setting. South of Suzhou and Shanghai, these cities are easily accessible by railway or expressway. Located only 1km—or a five minute drive—from Keqiao Railway Station, this residence is easily accessible by transit and car. Keqiao District is the center of the textile industry, also home to ancient canals, bridges, parks, and lakes. The scenic Guazhu Lake and Kedong Bridge are within easy walking distance to the Northeast.

Drawing inspiration from both the city’s rich history and international water towns, Yoland has a firm grasp of tradition and modernity. The waterfront residence resonates with the vibrancy of Chicago’s sleek urban parks, the versatility of New York’s shoreline and green infrastructure, and the harmony of Karuizawa’s built spaces with the natural world.

Shaoxing is known for its iconic lakes, ancient bridges, rice wine production and elegant calligraphy. The City has been called “the Venice of the East” due to its numerous canals. This water town aesthetic is defined by iconic and ancient bridges, creating a distinct integration between the constructed and natural environment. This landscape romantically reflects architecture and nature against shimmering waterways.

Open spaces provide opportunities for fresh air, exercise, play, biking, jogging, and even kayaking in the canal. The playground creates a lush experience for kids’ enjoyment and adults’ comfort. The flower garden welcomes people of all ages to enjoy nature for rest and calming. The open fields are ideal for soccer, tai chi or picnics. Uniquely, this innovative design includes a dog run for pets to enjoy the outdoors. The community farm allows neighbors to grow vegetables and herbs, supplying fresh produce for residents.

Nooks with shade and seating create space to rest and allow neighbors to socialize in a lush and comfortable environment. The amphitheater provides the opportunity for plays and musical performances, or a place to lounge on a sunny day. Each building has a welcoming entry garden and the garden path inside the development gives a view of the waterfront from above.

Street-facing retail and dining provides convenient leisure activities with a more urban style. These spaces make casual strolls and visits with friends and family convenient and pleasant. Walkways connect retail to the waterfront promenade and overlook platforms. This exterior loop creates a welcoming path to jog or stroll while enjoying nature.

Yoland Waterfront Residences is a new water town that carries a deep appreciation of culture and nature into a modern sensibility.

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