Vivian Wang

Project Manager

As a landscape designer at PLAT studio, Vivian Wang advocates that landscape is an indispensable part of urban life, and is the inheritance of a city and a site to its own unique culture. By changing space, creating scenes, and combining plants, users can feel the nature and talk to the time. Vivian has accumulated experience in project design of urban parks, country parks, residential landscapes, and commercial landscapes. She has experience in the whole process of projects, and loves the design experience of taking water and plants as design materials.

Before joining PLAT studio, Vivian participated in Shenzhen Techand Design Institute, CSCEC Beijing LAC Design Institute. Vivian has more than 10 years of landscape design, and familiar with planting designs in the north temperate and subtropical zone.

Vivian holds a Master's in Landscape Architecture from Beijing Forestry University.

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