Vanke Elegant Mansion - Now Open!

June 30, 2020
Dongguan, China

PLAT Studio and Vanke Dongguan are excited to announce the opening of Vanke Elegant Mansion!

Abutting Lotus Hills and Lotus Lake in Dongguan, Guangdong Province China, Elegant Mansion provides modern residences close to natural beauty as well as urban centers. Less than 3 kilometers from Shidong Forest Park and Changan Central Core, and only 5 km from Dalingshan Forest Park and Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park. The Shanhu city belt connects Elegant Mansion to the Binhai Bay District—with the G4 Expressway, the Innercity Railway and Highspeed Rail making commutes simple and fast.

Inspired by the lifestyles of Singapore, Seattle (USA) and Karuizawa (Japan), this development seeks to combine the best elements of these locations. Drawing from Karuizawa’s elegant coziness, Seattle’s ecological urbanism, and Singapore’s lush vibrancy, Elegant Mansion creates spaces for holistic health and wellbeing. Whether that healthy activity is jogging, seeing friends, or a family picnic, spaces are designed to encourage activity and facilitate enjoyment of nature and the outdoors.

The design achieves these lifestyle goals in a number of ways. By utilizing it’s urban interface, visitors to high rise housing are greeted by retail shops and a grand entrance. This environment is characterized by sleek contemporary luxury and immersive greenery. The Villa entrances by contrast are a more discrete scale, to emphasize the cozy and sophisticated spaces within. Villas provide single family housing within an equally lush and formal landscape design.

Here, wellness can be found for people of all ages with both social and physical activity opportunities. The greenery surrounding this community creates a pleasant walking experience. The elegant pedestrian entrances and sidewalk plazas encourage residents to walk to nearby destinations. And on the East end, retail storefronts encourage a leisurely stroll or relaxing afternoon.

If one is interested in more vigorous exercise, the exterior sidewalk includes a jogging loop for runners. Inside the development, residents will find Fitness clubs, a tennis court and Activity Lawns that could be used for anything from soccer to outdoor movie nights.

Some amenities will give residents a chance to meet their neighbors and build community. The Activity Club could host indoor community events and the Senior Court provides chess tables and space to practice Tai Chi. Benches and trellises throughout create comfortable spaces to read or spend time with friends and family.

Residents with small children will appreciate that there is a Kindergarten located conveniently on the block. There is also an engaging playground with room for kids to run and for parents to sit. The swimming pool is family-friendly, close to the playground and centrally located on site.

With all of these wellness opportunities, this residence welcomes residents of all ages to join a lush and health-focused community.

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