Vallejo Bay View Residences — Homes overlooking the Bay

January 6th, 2021
Vallejo, CA

Northeast of San Francisco, the city of Vallejo sits along the San Pablo Bay. Vallejo Bay View Residences sit on a hillside facing the coast, where the Napa River meets the Bay. This scenic location is emblematic of the San Francisco Bay Area, where homes in the hills overlook the water and cities beyond. Despite the region’s density, the air quality allows one to see great distances from hills and tall buildings.

Just north of the Bay Area, California’s iconic modernist Sea Ranch homes fade into the coastline and protect fragile habitat. The Sea Ranch development provides design and ecological inspiration for Bay View Residences, which takes advantage of the scenic location by framing views towards the Bay while maintaining sensitivity towards the local ecology.

Nestled into the hillside, stairways, paths and viewing platforms connect residences to the community center while showcasing views of the water. The landscape design incorporates water management features like permeable paving and rain gardens, which beautify while enhancing sustainability.

Using native and Mediterranean-adapted plants and trees, the landscape will restore pollinator habitat and support birds travelling along the Bay’s migration route. Local materials will reflect Northern California’s regional identity with a focus on sustainability and fire safety.

Culturally and ecologically relevant design is essential for success in the community-minded Bay Area. Responsible development is a critical step in addressing the region’s housing shortage.

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