Tuscany Hills Residential Masterplan Study

Residential | Mixed-Use

Tuscany Hills, CA


Gross Area
1,106 acres

La Jolla Cove Investors

Great Ecology [Ecology Consultant]

Concept Design
Located in Tuscany Hills, CA, on the southwest edge of Tulloch Lake, a newly planned residential development approaches lakeside masterplanning with ecological objectives.1106 acres of open California countryside present an opportunity to redesign a proposed masterplan that prioritizes housing density and golf course amenities over the existing natural value of the site. Through site study, alongside ecological consultant Great Ecology, a second less-dense masterplan proposal focuses on conservation of waterfront habitat and the enhancement of the existing California native landscape. By reducing the number of single residential houses on site, the new proposal takes advantage of the expansive countryside and offers a California Ecological Reserve to add value to the overall development.
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