Tianheng Island Landscape Masterplan  - A Ecological Wellness Resort Destination

June 10th, 2022
Qingdao, China

Tianheng Island Landscape Masterplan is the work of PLAT Studio in cooperation with Studio T-Square in the summer of 2020. Tianheng Island is a masterplan encompassing nine islands off the coast of Qingdao, China. The masterplan considers the remote condition of these islands and plans for an ecologically sensitive design that combines several resorts, new mixed-use developments, and private villas facing the open ocean. As a tourist destination, the chain of islands will be connected by air and water routes. Visitors will enjoy vibrant coastline promenades, luxurious vacation amenities, and a variety of outdoor programs that take advantage of the islands' scenic beauty.

The different ecologies on Tianheng Island include a large saltwater wetland park and edges of coastal cliffs which are accessed by streets through new development. A variety of green infrastructure strategies are implemented to improve the ecology of the island and create a low impact design on the natural coastal habitat already existing there. These strategies of adding tree canopy cover, bioswales and green roofs aim to transform the roads into green streets, open space into eco-parks and buildings into sustainable development.

We are thrilled to share some elements from the conceptual planning phase!

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