Ningbo Xiangshan People's Square District

Civic | Parks

Ningbo, China


Gross Area
27 hectares

Xiangshan County Government

Ronald Lu & Partners [Architect]
Lay-Out [Planning]

Concept Design
The landscape design of Ningbo Xiangshan People's Square District uses the texture of the geographical features of Xiangshan to create a new green infrastructure core of the old city, connect and activate the ecology and life of the central city which generates the image of "gathering the spirit of mountains and seas to activate the heart of the old city." The valley forms a growing blue-green system of galaxy valleys with mountains and rivers, creating a dream garden city ecological core.

People's Square is deconstructed between mountains and rivers and reorganized into six nodes: Zhumeng Square, Xinghe Valley, Vientiane Green Hill, Energy Island, Future Paradise, and Time Corridor. The flexible and flowing space is connected by a mountain and sea path, which supports various activities to create a future while connecting the past.

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