Nanjing East Outlets — Lakeside Park for a Retail Destination

August 24th, 2020
Nanjing, China

Nanjing East Outlets take the retail experience to a new level: a lakeside park is opening as part of the shopping complex in 2021. Visitors will be invited to discover their favorite recreational activity when the park opens!

In 2019, PLAT’s redesign of the retail area landscape amenities was completed. Now one of China’s largest retail-adjacent park spaces is under construction to complement the outlets. In a few years, the final phase will see the completion of a tower for hotels and apartments.

Located only 35km from Nanjing City Center and 15km from Nanjing Lukou Int’l Airport, at the intersection of two major highways. Also accessible by transit, it’s only a short shuttle ride from West Jurong high speed rail station. Although this area is primarily agricultural land, it is also crisscrossed by rivers and canals that feed into the Yangtze.

The nearby Yangtze River was a vital part of ancient innovation and travel. Inspired by historical expedition and adventure, the design references nautical navigation and the rare items that were traded on long voyages. From star charts and compasses to ships, paving and lounges reference the long history of Chinese exploration and travel. Guests can search for their own treasures in a relaxed and engaging space.

Guests can explore a variety of experiences, from window shopping to a ferris wheel ride. In the retail space, plazas welcome visitors with grand fountains and trellises, fluidly guiding them throughout the mall. Landmarks can be found at each intersection to ease navigation. Paving, planting and street furniture are seamlessly integrated to ensure a comfortable guest experience. With a food court, over 100 retail stores, water features, 4 play areas, a kids train and more, there is plenty of adventure to uncover.

Just beyond the shopping area, guests will find a vast amusement and recreation area with a lake, gardens and a variety of programming. Lakeside activities include camping and bbqing; ferris wheel rides; sports fields; cabin and RV rentals; gardens; and paddle boat rentals. The site is already a popular destination for team building events, where barbecues, picnics and wide open fields provide space for a variety of activities. Each purchase at the shopping center provides coupons to take advantage of the park’s amenities.

In addition to anchoring the new recreation area, the lake provides a number of ecological benefits. It acts as a retention basin for site runoff, with edge planting to clean water before it enters. Restoring the lake ecology will support migrating birds and local biodiversity efforts.

Nanjing East Outlets give a warm reception and a beautiful setting to all, from the weary traveler to the family enjoying a day-trip.

Construction of the park is underway, starting with terraforming and seating wall concrete pours. We look forward to seeing our vision realized!

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