Kunshan Nanxingdu District Landscape Masterplan

Masterplan | Urban Design

Kunshan, China


Gross Area
27,000 m 2

Kunshan Yushan Zhen Development Management Office

Yenshan Architecture

Under Construction
The Nanxingdu District Masterplan envisions an urban framework that centers the community’s need for nearby open spaces. In the central district, the plan takes advantage of streetscapes and intersections to create parklets and plazas where few spaces have been left undeveloped. Implementation of the proposed open space framework involves utilizing the entire public realm, from streets to canals. Along these improved corridors, nodes will provide space for gathering and activities. Greening these streets will soften urban spaces and provide natural amenities for busy residents. Through targeted and small-scale interventions, intersections will become social hubs and lively amenities will energize existing plazas.
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