Keqiao International Center is Now Open

October 14th, 2021
Shaoxing, China

Located in the Shaoxing river basin and a textile industry hub, Keqiao International Center is part of the first phase of the Kebei New City Commercial Business District. On the main axis of the commercial portion of Jinke Avenue, in central Kebei New City stands the second tallest building in Keqiao, Shaoxing, at 216 meters high. It is adjacent to Kepao Line on the north side and Shaoxing North High Speed Railway Station to the east. It can reach Hangzhou in half an hour and Ningbo in an hour. The site is an important gateway to the Keqiao neighborhood.

In addition, within a 20-minute walking radius (2km) of the building, there are many important landmarks in Keqiao. Diyang Road Pedestrian Street was a strong commercial area in the 1990s; Hualian International Trade City was the prototype of the Keqiao commercial center in 2004; and the Wanda Commercial Building. The East Milan International Fashion Publishing Center just across the canal opened in 2018 and has become a rich fashion industry center. Keqiao’s urban central business area will become the main commercial center of Keqiao with development planned for a large-scale urban complex that integrates business, office, finance, commerce and other services.

Keqiao International Center and its public open space have been built. The stylish high-rise surrounded by greenery is reflected by the eastside canal. The commercial and office space will provide diversified services, powering the next investment wave in Keqiao.

Adhering to the unique heritage of a water town, the landscape design of the open space of Keqiao International Center is committed to creating the ultimate business district oasis. Responding to the urban interface, strengthening the architectural vocabulary, evoking the ecological water village, and weaving urban life with commercial offices, the landscape design aims to create a comfortable and vibrant public space.

The architectural vocabulary inspired by the textile concept is unique and innovative. The landscape design echoes the architectural vocabulary and lends a strong visual impact. At the same time, the clear and rigid modern vocabulary and the novel shade structures all lend a sense of the entry to the building.

Chinatex Times Square is a multifunctional park with children's playground, activity lawn and outdoor theater. It provides a vibrant and dynamic venue for the city and enriches the urban environment for people's leisure.

The waterfront promenade provides visitors with comfortable spaces and scenic views. Whether it is used for lunch break, overlooking the scenery, or taking an afternoon stroll, the promenade is a vibrant and comfortable place.

The future of urban life is not just about high rises, but creating landmark public space for people to enjoy comfortably. The construction of Keqiao International Center has elevated the surrounding area as a key piece of the Central Business District transformation. The construction of the open space of Chinatex Times Square serves nearby residents with diverse outdoor spaces, from waterfront walkways and gardens, to resting platforms and activity lawns. Keqiao International Center is not only a retail and office space, but a place to enjoy urban life.

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