Hangzhou Bay Regional Landscape Masterplan

Masterplan | Urban Design

Hangzhou Bay New District, China


Gross Area
42.3 hectares

Cixi Hangzhou Bay Binhai Development Investment Co., Ltd.

Schematic Design
The Hangzhou Bay Regional Masterplan is a 42ha waterfront development in a largely unbuilt coastal district 50km northeast of Ningbo, China. With direct highway routes to surrounding metropolis centers the area is experiencing heavy development and influx of population. The masterplan aims to lead the district development with green infrastructure and achieve district-wide connectivity and vibrancy in the public waterfront. Envisioning an extensive framework of cycle and pedestrian trails and by considering local culture that celebrates the on-site historical system of dikes, the masterplan envisons a robust design that strengthens the district's relationship with its vast network of canals.
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