Te-Hsuan Fred Liao

Partner / Design Director


Fred Liao is the founder and a director of PLAT Studio. He has engaged his passion for large-scale landscape and urbanism as a multi-disciplinary practice. Born and raised in Taipei, he spent 10 years on the East Coast and in 2010 settled in beautiful Northern California with his wife, two daughters, and his dog Parker.

He is a licensed landscape architect with extensive large-scale, site-specific masterplan and landscape design experience in both North America and Asia, building large urban parks, mixed-use developments, as well as office and academic campuses. His work focuses on conceptualization, systematic framework, and design studies; he envisions design as a dynamic process of investigating site potentials culturally, ecologically and economically, for timeless placemaking, and a more sustainable world.

Prior to starting PLAT Studio, Fred was involved in high-profile and design-oriented projects with multi-disciplinary teams, including New York World Trade Center Public Realm, Fresh Kills Park Master Plan, Taiwan Hengchun Tropical Botanic Garden, and Kunshan High School Campus. These projects require the consolidation of infrastructure, architecture and structure through cross-disciplinary design, coordination, and management through all project phases.

Fred received his Master of Landscape Architecture from University of Pennsylvania where he was awarded the ASLA Certificate of Honor and George Madden Boughton Prize. He is a licensed landscape architect in New York, Pennsylvania and a LEED AP.

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