Dongguan Mind Island — Calming lakeside retreat homes

December 15th, 2020
Dongguan, China

Vanke Dongguan Mind Island is located in the Songshan Lake area, one of the three core areas of Dongguan City. It is not only close to the natural beauty of Songshan Lake, but also the city’s tech industry. Inspired by its environs, Mind Island creates a relaxing environment with open spaces which beautifully integrate nature and modern life.

To make best use of the surrounding natural environment, we used rational and campus planning strategies to create a clear order, and provide residents with diverse and personalized urban interfaces with dynamic, convenient, interactive contemporary urban interfaces. It is a leisurely setting which supports active and outdoor lifestyles.

The main entry area is inspired by the contemplative hills surrounding Songshan Lake. The undulating hills covered with ornamental grass and a sea of flowers form a circular lawn, dotted with large-scale abstract artworks, echoing the free flowing atmosphere. The undulating hills frame views so that visitors primarily see the canopy of the woods. The oval lawn can be used for sports and gatherings, creating a comfortable space where residents can activate the central core.

Go through the mirrored waterscape connecting the lobby to homes, and enter via an enclosed scenery wall. Moving into the residential area, one is greeted by dense green trails, art courtyards, and simple and refined spaces.

Walking out of the sales hall and looking back at Songshan Lake, the field unfolds in front of visitors. A children's play area is set next to the central lawn, which continues to enclose the grass mound to create interesting terrain and provide a variety of play experiences.

The landscape design of Vanke Dongguan Mind Island echoes the scenic and vibrant region. The atmosphere is quiet and lively, the space is unique and comfortable, and the design concept echoes subtly throughout the project. Visitors will experience and imagine their own life in the mountains and lakes during the whole process of arriving, parking, strolling around the hills, walking to the sales hall, visiting the model houses, overlooking the hills and seeing children play.

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