Coming Soon: Chinatex Corporation Times Tower

July 27th, 2020
Shaoxing, China

Times Tower’s public space design weaves the natural and urban context into a distinct and sumptuous experience.

Located in the heart of Shaoxing Keqiao’s new commercial business district, this area is known for its historic canals and textile industry, and is well connected to the wider region by high speed rail and highways. The site design includes: an urban interface with grand building entries; an amphitheater and playground for community; and a river walk with an ecological focus. By seamlessly integrating the urban and natural environment, the site both showcases a sustainable vision for the future and creates an enjoyable environment for visitors.

PLAT Studio has a wealth of experience with complex projects such as this. The Times Tower public space seamlessly integrates office and workplace environments with retail, an urban interface, and sustainability goals. Deep research and analysis of the site conditions and context allowed PLAT to create a design that would be authentic to the project and its goals. By collaborating with architects, the landscape design responds to the architectural language with a consistent vocabulary throughout the site.

When completed, Times Tower will be the second tallest building in the area. Soon it will act as the centerpiece to the new business district attracting investment and industry, with open space that sets this tower apart through its forward-looking design and people-centered place making. Phase one of the public space design will open with the building, whereas the adjoining park and ecological river walk will open as phase two in 2022.

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