Canadian International School Kunshan Landscape Design

Civic | Parks

Kunshan, China


Gross Area
26336 m2

Canada International Education Limited

B+H [Architecture]

Concept Design
The landscape design is inspired by the historical texture of the site with the vertical and horizontal water veins; the new high-density school landscape design attempts to stimulate the ecology to a continuous system in three-dimensional space and regard time as the fourth dimension so that the elegant micro-natural environment and the teachers and students can promote each other by various activities. Teachers and students carry the daily needs and creative activities, stimulating potential and dreams and exploring a new school landscape model of sustainable growth and energy circulation. The design echoes the architecture in terms of shape and conception, showing the educational concept and rebuilding the green rainwater network facilities simultaneously to create small natural, pleasant, and flexible outdoor places with North American characteristics and in line with the attributes of Kunshan's habitat.         

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