2022 IFLA Award for PLAT Studio- Parkhill Greens Project!

August 30th, 2022
Berkeley, CA

Thank you to the IFLA AAPME Outstanding Award for recognizing Parkhill Greens in the category of Built Projects: Social and Community Health!

We would like to thank IFLA AAPME and our project team—Fred Liao, Kit Shih-Ting Wang, Shih-Lin Lan, Maggie Kao, Xiaoqing Qin, Tiger Sui, Yinhua Hua, David Jing Peng, Sophanut Jamonak, Iris Soh, Daniel Wang, Yinuo Sun, Siting Huo, Katrina Ortiz, Xiangyu Li, and Joan Zhong. And special thanks to our client team, Shenzhen Vanke, Lin Qi, Zhitong Wu, Quan Shao, Huimin Ji, Xiexin Zhang, Yanchen Guo, and Sen Li.

The Parkhills Green project won the ASLA-NCC Award of Excellence in Urban Design in April and its Outstanding Award from IFLA in August. It is such an honor for a project to be recognized and win two international awards.

Parkhill Greens is acting as a vibrant hub, connecting the public realm, old and new residential areas, new business districts and schools, and highlighting the neighborhood's natural beauty. Using elegant design strategies, the park provides modern amenities to promote a vibrant, social and health-focused park. The verdant space balances ecological and human needs; managing rainwater and mitigating the urban heat island effect while setting the stage for a lively neighborhood with activities for all ages.

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