Shaoxing Yoland Retail Residential Complex

Commercial | Residential
Shaoxing, China


Gross Area
Phase 1 8,250 m2, Overall 99,000 m2
Xiaoxin Yuandong Investment

Shenzhen Huasan Architect

Status: Phase 1 Grand Opening 2018
The Shaoxing Yoland Retail Residential Complex is a lakeside mixed-use commercial and retail development that combines vibrant urban active spaces with the natural ecological culture of the site. Focusing on people and the essentials for healthy living, the development provides a variety of living spaces and different scales of open spaces to promote a comprehensive social environment and community-oriented lifestyle for residents. The masterplan and site features were inspired by valuable elements of Shaoxing's historical culture including ancient bridges and canals alongside the celebration of the local wine and the tradition of caligraphy.
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