David Peng

Landscape Designer / Onsite Designer


As a landscape onsite designer at PLAT Studio. David devotes his enthusiasm from the early stage of research to site construction, from concept to form, from drawing to construction, and has a complete project experience. Compared with the visual impact of the landscape, David also enjoys the experience of time and space on the site process, the refreshing smells in the spring breeze, the chilly shadows under the branches in summer, the colorful liveliness of autumn leaves, and the vigorous space of winter.

Before joining PLAT studio, David participated in Guiyang Architectural Design Institute in Guizhou, Shanghai IPD, Hong Kong BCI. David has more than 15 years of landscape design and site experience, and familiar with various planting designs in East and South China.

David received his Bachelor of Art Design from Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology.
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